Who we are

Welcome to Nard Design!
Located right on the North Carolina and Virginia line, Nard Design is devoted to disrupting the way we manufacture products. A small operation run by Kyle Kelliher and Ashley Schoenhut, Nard specializes in manufacturing with small scale automation technologies such as 3D printing.
How we work
Right now we are completely focused on FDM 3D printing technology, but in the future we hope to bring Resin 3D printing, CNC plasma cutting, laser cutting, and other automated manufacturing processes!
We sell two different categories of products- predesigned and custom. Everything you see listed here is predesigned for the most part, so let's focus on that-
  1. Order received- when you place an order here we put it into a queue for fulfillment. Some items we may already have printed and ready to be shipped. Some may need to be printed at the time of the order.
  2. Production started- if we need to print your order it will be processed ASAP. Pending orders are first priority for our equipment. 
  3. Pack- at this stage we are loading orders into their shipping boxes with care to make sure they will make it to their destinations in tact and free of any damage.
  4. Ship- At this point the shipping carrier receives your order and it's on the way to you!
Because of the flexibility these technologies provide, we can produce one-off products and designs without expensive tooling. If you are looking for a specialty product feel free to email us at orders@narddesign.com
We are glad you are here!
Customers make this possible! We value our customers and that's why quality is our top priority when we fulfill your order. Beyond the typical quality promised by other companies, we have 3 specific quality metrics we always operate with-
  • Safety: when you bring our products into your home you can rest assured that your family's safety has held the first concern in our design process. From material to structural considerations, we are constantly asking ourselves "what is the worst that could happen and how can we mitigate that possibility?"
  • Supply Chain: the fact of the matter is most things we purchase in North America were mostly or wholly manufactured overseas. In 2018 the United States imported nearly $560 billion in goods from China alone- and exported only $180 billion. It is our pledge at Nard to work diligently to make sure that as much of our product as possible is sourced from domestic suppliers. Because of our automation technology, we are able to keep our manufacturing operation within the U.S. while still providing our products at a fair and competitive price. When you buy from Nard you are keeping that money right in our domestic economy where it can benefit the communities we live in.
  • Customer Service: We do our best to produce the best products that you can buy, but it's inevitable that sometimes our customers will need some extra assistance. It is for this reason that we are committed to the absolute best customer service in the industry. Before, during, and after the sale- we are here for you! 

Thank you for considering Nard Design! We are excited to ship your order!